New revoluctionary technology Matec Patent pending

Matec, always on the cutting edge of technology, is pleased to announce the introduction of NANOTEC® PTFE laminate film.

Nanotec® is a flexible, tear resistant material with superior capabilities compared to other PTFE products such as FEP, ECTFE,PFA, PTFE skived or PTFE/ Fiberglass fabrics.

NANOTEC® is made of 100% PTFE making it impervious to “chemical attack” and eliminating the need for reinforcements.

Regardless of the chemical environment Nanotec retains all of its physical properties. NANOTEC®: a ZERO porosity material!!!

Using an innovative nanotechnology cross-lamination process results in Nanotec® having an incredible 360° tear strength, superb durability and operating temperatures of up to 316°C (600°F).

Starting in 2012 NANOTEC® will be used on all COMPOTEC® PTFE Heavy Duty Composite Hose Products


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